I have been training on Denver Circus Supply handstand canes for several months now, and they are so fun and so stable. DCS is super helpful and easy to contact with questions or concerns. I highly recommend their equipment!

-Elizabeth Fluharty               

Aerial Silks Program Director, Yoga Instructor & Professional Performer

Etmolgn Eht Hil, Professional Circus & Icarian Chair performer 

-I ordered an Icarian Chair from Denver Circus Supply and the got it to me quickly and it had all of my requested parts and functions. They even painted and upholstered it in the colors I wanted. Fantastic work on my equipment!


Daniel and the team at Denver Circus Supply are awesome! The balance boards and handbalance canes are beautifully constructed, made with quality materials, and have definitely enhanced my handstand practice. We're particularly excited about the wooden bar trapezes and plan to use the wooden trapeze in our upcoming performances! 

Katie Mesmerie Brunner     

Owner, Mesmerie Entertainment

Heidi Coker, Professional Pole Fitness Athlete

I currently use the Trouper Pine blocks. I love them!  Very light weight and fit perfectly in my hand for balancing work. They travel easily and are a great way to work on not only your handstand work but for conditioning as well. 
These boards are awesome!  I've used them outside over grass, streets, and sketchy, dirty areas! Such a convenient way to create a clean and stable work area. Good for handstands, planks and any grounded hand work. I also like to use my Trouper Pine Blocks on them as well. The padding gives them a solid grip for working on slippery surfaces and floors. The board is easy to travel with because of its handle and makes for great topic of conversations on airplanes!!


While using the handstand canes from Denver Circus Supply I was able to find even better balance than I could on the floor. The canes are very stable with no wobbles or movement. I love training on canes to help my balance as well as training my jump into handstand.

The stall bars are incredible to help build strength as well as flexibility! I love them and want to be on them everyday!

-Charlee Wagner, Pole Fitness Athlete

"I'm obsessed with Denver Circus Supply's handstand board and blocks. I live a few blocks from a park, and nothing's better than popping these into my yoga bag and heading to the grass. It allows you to train your handstands virtually anywhere, and the products are well made and look great. I love that the handstand board has different color options!"

-Natasha Wang, Pole Art Champion 


-Carly Child