Q: I'm a beginner at handstands, what canes should I begin with:?

A: For beginners we recommend keeping things short and starting with 8" canes.  In addition, many beginners feel more confident on fixed based canes vs. split. We recommend setting up the canes against the wall when first kicking up to your handstand for additional safety. 

Q: Can I switch my canes sticks for taller ones when I become more advanced?
A: Yes. Our cane sticks are removable. You can keep your same blocks and purchase a taller set of sticks and train on different height canes on the same piece of equipment.

Q: Is there any maintenance needed for my canes for safety?
A: No maintenance necessary, but we recommend checking and tightening your blocks & sticks before each use to make sure they are secure and facing the direction you prefer.

Q: How do I choose between Fixed canes or Split canes?

A: Many beginners prefer fixed bases since they have a little more stability.  If you have very wide or narrow shoulders a split base will allow you to adjust to your preference (fixed canes are 14" wide).  If you use your canes for additional strength and flexibility training split bases are preferred.

Q: How do I travel with my canes?

A: Traveling with canes is easy. The canes can be broken down and disassembled into separate pieces and reassembled with out any additional tools. 


Q: I enjoy hand balancing but my wrists get sore and tired.  What do you recommend?

A: First, be sure to practice flexibility and strengthening drills for your wrists and hands.  You can also use balance blocks which allow your fingers to wrap and grip for support which eases the strain on your wrists and hands.  Last, 15 degree angled balance blocks can be ordered which further alleviate the stress on the wrists (angled blocks are also available for canes).

Q: Should I buy small or medium blocks?
A: Block size is purely personal preference and typically people with small hands prefer small blocks and people with larger hands prefer the medium blocks.  Larger sizes can be custom ordered. 

Q: Why select angled blocks vs. square:

A: For most people square blocks are preferred.  If your wrists and hands get sore and tired quickly, angled blocks will help.  Angled blocks are also preferred if you practice a lot of hand-to-hand or acro yoga and want to better simulate the partner contact.


Q: Can I install stall bars on any wall of my house/apartment/condo?

A: Stall bars need to be mounted to walls that have wood 2x4 construction, typically with 16" centers.  Many newer homes/apartments/condos are using steel 2x4 construction and stall bars cannot be mounted directly to these structures without modification.  Contact us if you would like to learn more.

Q: Do you provide stall bar assembly and installation?

A: We offer both in the Denver metro area.  $30 extra for assembly only and pick up at our warehouse.  If you live in the Denver metro and would like us to install please contact us for a quote.

Q: I am trying to choose stall bars. What should I look for to know what is the right fit?
A: When choosing stall bars you want to consider what exercises you will be practicing most frequently. If you will be performing exercises that require a pull up bar (or a higher rung for hanging bands/other flexibility tools), make sure the stall bars you choose include the pull up bar. All stall bar models are great for stretching, mobility & strength exercises. 


Q: What is a balance board used for?

A: A stable surface is important for proper hand balance drills and practice.  If you typically practice/train on cushions, carpet, grass, sand, or cement a balance board is a great option for bringing comfort and stability.  Our boards are smooth Maple on one side and a 3mm yoga mat on the other.


Q: My product has a smell. Is that normal?

A: Our wood products are handmade and stained for quality and longevity. The smell could be the wood stain or yoga mat glue. If there is a smell, it is normal and will only last temporarily (typically 1-3 days). It also means your product was freshly made. 

Q: What if I want to custom order circus equipment?

A: DCS offers custom orders upon request. Visit our custom fabrication page to see the variety of apparatus we have custom made.  Contact us and let us know how we can help make your product unique.

Q: The wood on my product is chipping, is this normal?

A: We handcraft all products and we stand by our craftsmanship. However, the nature of wood is that it is not perfect. Over time wood products could chip and fray a bit. None of this should effect the safety and stability of the product. If there is ever any concern, we are happy to see what we can do to help.

Q: I am new to circus and unsure how to use these products. How do I use your products properly & safely? Do you have coaches or online training?

A: Part of the fun of the equipment is playing and learning new skills, but this can be scary. We recommend online information from qualified coaches or bringing some of your equipment to your gym. We have athletes all over the world that we can connect you with for private or group sessions or even online sessions. Please contact us directly for information about training tools, exercises or connecting with a coach. Follow our Facebook & Instagram accounts for exercises and training ideas.

Q: Do you have certifications for teaching?

A: Please contact us directly for information about becoming certified (or your instructors becoming certified) in teaching Handstands & Balance, and for Stall Bars.  

Q: How do I take care of the yoga mat on my products?

A: The yoga mat is glued onto the wood product. We recommend that you keep the mat out of heat and direct sun to prolong the longevity of the glued mat.