Split Canes w/ hidden brackets


Handcrafted handstand canes made in the USA, using high quality wood; oak, maple or pine.  We offer a few different types of canes from affordable light, portable canes and split canes to custom performance canes. We also colors options and, engraving!

Why canes?Canes are an amazing balance tool for handstand practice. Handstand blocks firmly attached to metal sticks allows for more height in handstand practice. Some models come with height options (8”, 12” and 18”).

Can I use canes even if I am new to handstands? Absolutely! Canes are a great training tool strength, balance and flexibility drills such as crocs, L-sits, shoulder expansion, etc. If you are new to handstands, placing the canes near a wall when inverting is recommended and an excellent way to improve your practice. 

What are the blocks on the canes? Similar to our handstand blocks, these blocks are attached to metal sticks to elevate your inversions. The hand-to-block grip allows for less wrist extension then being flat on the ground, minimizing wrist pain. Angled blocks are also an option on the canes for wrist strengtheng and  as a training tool for hand-to-hand acro and other partner work. 


  • ​​​All the benefits and functionality of the Equilibre & Marquee
  • Separated canes: each cane is mounted on it's own base allowing them to be spaced to the athletes preference.​
  • Calisthenics and Conditioning: increase strength and flexibility with wider spacing
  • 8" or 12" canes

Fixed Canes w/exposed brackets 

Choosing Your Canes


Custom Canes

  • With an entry level price, an ideal starter cane for the hand balancer who is interested in their first set.
  • ​Approriate for all skill levels.
  • Standard 14" width is suitable for most athletes shoulder.
  • 8" or 12" canes.
  • Stable base provides the perfect platform for exploring your balances off the ground.
  • Most durable for for the heavy use environment.
  • Nested base allows easy dis-assembly for storage & transfer
  • For the hand balancer with specific or custom preferences (width, height, engraving)
  • Beautiful oak canes that look great in your home, studio or for your stage performance
  • Heavy duty, large, stable base provides a stable platform for all hand balancing and conditioning activities and safe for all cane heights. Recommend for our tallest sticks (18" to 24")
  • Custom engraving
  • Carry bag can be purchased under accessories page


Fixed Canes vs. Split Canes

Split Canes w/ exposed brackets

Fixed Canes w/ hidden brackets