• Maple wood stained
  • 3mm yoga mat
  • Colors: purple, pink, teal, dark blue, coral, green
  • *26 x 12 ¾ x ½


How & why do I use boards?

  • Balance boards are designed to be carried around for handstands and other balance training anywhere and on any surface, especially useful when training on concrete or overly squishy/springy gymnastics flooring to protect your wrists.
  • We have added a thin yoga mat to one side for comfort and grip. While the wood board allows for the perfect amount of stability and support in balance training, while the yoga mat side provides a great grip for hands. You can also use the mat side down to secure the board from sliding on slippery surfaces.
  • Boards have a built in handle to carry around and are great to take to the park, beach, gym and anywhere you might train.
  • Board provides the perfect platform for using hand blocks.​​​

“Never again will I get little rocks, spurs or dirt on my hands when training handstands outside. Love these boards!” –Estee Zakar